Friday, September 2, 2011

Writer's Block No More

I've been wanting to post religiously to this blog. I guess I get side tracked too easily. I often think that I have lots of things to write about. There's this train of thought that goes on and on inside my mind, but I just can't seem to put into words, into writing.

One of my problems, I guess, is I'm not sure what kind of theme I want to project in writing. Most blogs I enjoy reading are very clear in what they are about. Then I realize that I'm thinking too much on what people will say when they read my posts, like will they like it? Will they be able to relate? Will they find what I write helpful or at least entertaining?

And the big realization is that I should not worry. I should not worry because I might be the only person who cares about my blog, about what I write. I might be the only one who reads it. So there. I am going to stop worrying and write for myself and my God. Because this is all about Him and how wonderful He has made my life to be.

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