Monday, February 27, 2012

Wired That Way

I love the arts.

I love music so much I have to listen to it everyday. I know and love the oldies but goodies, and I know and love fresh and modern vibes. I win in games of Name That Tune. I adore Broadway musicals. But I can't sing well. I can't hit the right notes all the time. I can play the piano and guitar but I can't play by ear. 

I can't dance. I have two left feet.

I love paintings but I can't paint. I love watercolors, but I don't know how to make one. I love to draw, and I can draw pretty, but I have to copy something.

I love poetry, sonnets, haiku... But I lack the eloquence in speech. I'm poor at rhymes. My vocabulary is limited.

But with photography it is different. I can love it, do it, and make it. All the frustrations I have in the arts are swept away. Happiness is kindled. I take pleasure in creating something beautiful. I realize that it is such a joy to me because I share this attribute with my Father. I take pleasure in what I do and create well because I am wired that way. My Father wired me that way. Because He created me in His image. 

As He did you. :)

I love portraits. Here are pictures of a baby we had at the nursery. Unfortunately he was sick, and he had a fracture of the proximal third of his left femur. He was referred to our service for treatment. We applied a hip spica, and his fracture has healed well since. 


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