Friday, April 20, 2012

Zapped with Zapd

I've recently (October of last year is still recent for me) put up a website and added it as a page here on my blog, a page about food! One of my favorite things! My figure attests to it :).

And I just love Zapd. Their tagline says that they help you create a website in 60 seconds from your iPhone, and they do. They really hold up to what they claim. And "when you make a Zap, the experience is automatically tailored to the device you are using. PC. Phone. Tablet." So it's not just for iPhone/iDevice  users. Coolness. This makes blogging simpler and faster in a lot of hundred ways. This is for people and residents like me who are often busy and always on the go.

And now I am happy to announce (announce: a big word, like I receive a lot of traffic) that I've added a new page, Noir et Blanc, where I'd be putting up my black and white photos taken with my iPhone.

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